High Lift Garage Doors

High Lift Garage Door

Need more space? Performing a high lift garage door conversion to the garage door will allow you get the maximum space inside the garage so you can utilize it the best way possible with a high lift door. A high lift garage door conversion is a modification to an existing garage door’s operating components to open at a higher level within the garage space.  High lift garage door systems are similar to traditional garage door systems. They have tracks, a door, and an opener, but they lift closer to the roof. Most residential garage doors use less than 54″ of high lift to fit in garages with ceilings that are 12′ high or less. High lift tracks are installed close to the ceiling in the garage door’s headroom, which opens up overhead space.

Innovation garage doors is a dedicated company to custom made highlift conversions to customers that are seeking to take full advantage of the space inside the garage. Garage door highlifts are the perfect option for homeowners that want to put a car lift, in home gym, playroom etc. It can be done by replacing the standard parts in your actual door with different height option parts based on the customer’s needs for garage door high lift. Other than giving you a lot more space inside the garage, it makes your garage look nicer and more up to date. There is always options to motorize the garage door after a highlift conversion.

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